Mesmerised Baby Face Book

  • Suitable 0-12 months and beyond.
  • Following on from the success of the Mesmerised board book, Katey Love has created a new book for newborns, this time introducing colour.
  • Newborn babies LOVE black and white, but at 2-4 months of age they start to recognise bright colours and eventually lighter colours and tones.
  • This book enables you to progress through the pages as baby's eyesight develops. Parents will watch with delight as their baby's favourite page changes from month to month.
  • The smiling faces on each page will also provide comfort and familiarity to baby as she tries to make sense of her brand new world.
  • Each face has been carefully designed in a simple manner to make it easy for baby to recognise the basic features of the face, and to incorporate shapes and patterns that will stimulate baby's vision.
  • Board book, 15x15cm.
  • Printed on paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

Type: Books

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