Tanker Topper Lactation Cookie Currant and Coconut (Gluten Free) by Franjo's Kitchen

You asked and Franjo's Kitchen delivered - GLUTEN FREE Tanker Toppers are here! 

This is a pretty special Tanker. WE could call it many things including a "Power Tanker". The Gluten Free Tanker Topper lactation biscuit is full of many favoured superfood ingredients.

They include the amazing natural *Galactagogues; gluten free brewers yeast, flaxseed meal and organic rolled quinoa flakes but also Australian grown teff flour, chia seeds, buckwheat flour, organic coconut oil, organic currants and organic shredded coconut.

These biscuits take the term 'functional food' and 'superfood' to another level. We hope that tehy will not only help to 'fill up Mum and her tanks' with more than just the essential vitamins, minerals and good fats for her milk production but also extra nourishing phyto-nutrients to support her energy levels during this very demanding time.

Our Gluten Free Tanker Topper lactation biscuits are also vegan so those with dairy and egg intolerances can enjoy them.

*‘Galactogugue’ is a Greek word for substances that promotes lactation. Galactagogues have been used for years by mothers around the world to enhance milk supply.

It is recommended that breastfeeding mums eat 2-3 serves a day to maintain supply and 4 to boost. 

Contains 14 biscuits per tin.


Gluten free flour mix (organic buckwheat, teff), Organic coconut oil, Organic coconut sugar, Organic maple syrup, Organic shredded coconut (10%) (*contains sulphites), Organic currants (9%), Organic quinoa flakes, Seeds (flaxseed meal, chia), Gluten free brewer's yeast, Raising agent (bicardonate of soda), Cinnamon, Water added.

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