Debunking the most common pregnancy myths...

January 13, 2016

Debunking the most common pregnancy myths...

Creating a tiny human is the most complicated thing a person can do without really having to think about it...but that doesn’t mean parents don’t stress and worry about it for the FULL NINE MONTHS!!

Thanks to the internet you can either source a great relief or send yourself into a frenzy, so we here at Bebe Designs thought we would debunk the most common pregnancy myths...

1. You can’t fly during your first or last trimester. Nope. False! You can fly whenever you want. Some airlines won’t let you on the plane in your last trimester, but that has more to do with fears that you’ll go into labour and forcing the plane to land or spoil the upholstery

2. Dying your hair is harmful for Baby. Wrong again. False. Most research, although limited, shows that it's safe to colour your hair while pregnant. Some studies have found that very high doses of the chemicals in hair dyes may cause harm. However, these doses would need to be massive - not anywhere near to what you would be exposed to at the hairdresser or found in a home colour kit

3. You shouldn’t drink coffee while pregnant. False. PHEW - now don’t go nuts, but a cup a day won’t hurt junior

4. The baby’s position in the womb can tell you its sex. False! Also, the line on the skin stretching below the navel is no clue to whether your baby’s a boy or girl. You just can’t tell from outside the womb. On the upside though if you do try, you’ve got a 50% shot of getting it right ;)

5. Pregnant women should eat for two. Nu-unh – False! Carrying a baby actually only requires 300 extra calories a day. So technically you should be eating for about one and a fifth. If you do eat for two, you’ll end up with a bigger baby, which reminds the mummy docs of another myth…

6. A bigger baby is a better baby. False. The average baby weighs about 7.5 lbs. Babies that are much bigger than that are more likely to suffer from diabetes and obesity later in life

7. You shouldn’t have sex/lift your hands over your head/touch your toes while pregnant. All false (and a little bit weird), unless you have a specific medical condition and your doctor warns you against it

8. You shouldn’t take hot baths while pregnant. True, actually! You should avoid saunas, Jacuzzis or anything that raises your body temperature over 102 degrees

9. You can’t pet your cat during pregnancy. False! However, you shouldn’t change your cat’s litter box during pregnancy because of the risk of toxoplasmosis from the poop

10. Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks. False. In fact using cocoa butter makes women’s skin more sensitive, and some women have allergic reactions to it

11. You shouldn’t eat smoked salmon while pregnant. False. Salmon is actually good for mothers-to-be. It’s high in omega-3 fatty acids like DHA, which studies show have a variety of benefits for pregnant women and salmon is a fresh water fish, so the likelihood of mercury poisoning is low...and this links me nicely on to...

12. You can’t eat sushi. False. Sushi is permissible except for mackerel, shark, tilefish and swordfish. And don’t eat too much tuna — no more than 12. oz (roughly two maki, or rolls) per week

13. You should abstain from alcohol during pregnancy. True, with a question mark. The American College of Obstetricians, along with all other American health authorities, advise women to stay on the wagon, but at least one big British study recently suggested that two drinks a week during pregnancy might not do harm

14. Walking makes labour go faster. False. It might make you feel better but there’s no activity that’s going to bring on labour, sorry!

If in doubt about anything the best thing to do is consult with your midwife or obstetrician. Don’t be embarrassed and don’t go without – with so many friends in the industry I can almost guarantee they have heard it all before and (almost) no question is a stupid one!

N xo

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