It's the most magical time of year...

December 15, 2015

It's the most magical time of year...

...add a pregnancy to December and WOAH does that mean double the magic?

It’s the same every Christmas there are UPs and there are downs – however if you’re expecting a baby as well you can expect a few of the following things to happen during the festivities...


1. The thought has crossed your mind...would it be amazing, disastrous or exciting to actually go into labour on the big day… and are Holly, Robin, Eve, Bauble or Tinsel to be considered suitable names?

2. And then you get all teary thinking of midwives wearing have no idea why...but you’re still crying...

3. You have possibly been tempted (thanks Pintrest) to paint your baby bump as a Christmas pudding or a bow-wrapped present, but then remember you're not a great Artist – so you head to the local Westfield and buy a ‘Santa Baby’ t-shirt instead.

4. The Christmas lunch and office party circuit is absolutely exhausting this year, but everyone insists on seeing the bump before the holidays.

5. But look at the amount of PICKLES on offer. Hand me a spoon...NOW

6. You now have a legitimate reason to hog the tin of Cadbury Favourites or Cheezels...they are all MINE!

7. But with treats comes an inordinate amount of heartburn. Best you put the mince pies down for a bit...

8. Every Christmas TV ad makes you cry, buckets.  Every single time AND every single one!

9. And even if this is your first, you can’t listen to Christmas songs without having to wipe away a tear when Chris Rea comes on. ‘Oh I can’t wait to see those faces…’ sob, sob...sniff

10. Oh and Home Alone...that ain’t ever happening to your baby. What was that mother thinking?

11. Get ready for comedy central... someone, somewhere will make a joke about the virgin birth and immaculate conception...OVER...and over...and over...again...

12. You’ll probably get first dibs on the TV remote - Win!

13. Every present you get will really be for the new baby. Yep – everything you unwrap will have some connection to the pregnancy – be it a relaxing candle, stretch mark skin butters or a subscription to ‘Mother & Child’ magazine

14. Your boobs look ridiculously huge in a Christmas T-Shirt.

15. You can’t help but buy one of those ‘My First Christmas’ bibs or Elf themed onesie that are everywhere. Because you know – this time next year…

16. And you’ll secretly wrap your hands around your bump and wish your little one a Merry Christmas when no one is looking.


Merry Christmas xxx

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